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Botament Renovation FP


Renovation FP is a special fine plaster for indoor and outdoor use, the surface of which can be designed as a smooth coat or as a structured plaster. Renovation FP ideally complements Renovation FSP special moisture plaster when designing wall surfaces with high visual demands.

  • Particularly fine surface
  • Optional addition to Renovation FSP
  • 5 mm application thickness in one operation
  • Humidity and climate regulating
  • For indoor and outdoor

per layer thickness: approx. 1.6 kg/m²/mm
A bag of Renovation FP mixed with approx. 5.5 l of water produces approx. 17 liters of fresh mortar.

The moisture special plaster system:

  • Renovation VSM pre-spray mortar
  • Renovation FSP special moisture plaster
  • Renovation special moisture fine plaster