Vaccination against COVID-19 – Botament vaccinates employees

At 17. and June 18, 180 employees and 80 family members of Botament and sister company MC-Bauchemie were vaccinated in Bottrop. The operational protective vaccination was carried out with the mRNA vaccine Comirnaty® from BioNTech/Pfizer on the company premises of MC-Bauchemie in Bottrop.
All employees who previously registered for the COVID-19 vaccination were provided the vaccine. In addition, family members could also be registered for the company vaccination. The employees of the sister companies were also happy to make use of this opportunity – 80 family members were able to attend the 17. and June 18 to participate in the vaccination drive.

“We are very satisfied with the organization and implementation of the vaccination campaign,” said Nicolaus M. Müller, Managing Partner of MC-Bauchemie. “We have come through the coronavirus pandemic very well so far because we took the right protective measures early on. With this step, we are increasing security both for our employees and for our business operations per se.”