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Since its foundation, Botament has taken care to ensure that the ingredients it uses and the products it manufactures are harmless in terms of health and environmental aspects. This also includes environmentally friendly and resource-saving production as well as the development of low-emission products and solutions.

Botament is a member of the DGNB

Making sustainability measurable is crucial for Botament. This measurability can be achieved with the help of building certification systems.

The DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) is a non-profit organisation based in Stuttgart. Since its founding in 2007, the DGNB has been committed to demonstrably good buildings and livable neighborhoods – in short, to a sustainable built environment. The aim is to transform the construction and real estate market towards an appropriate understanding of quality as the basis for responsible, sustainable action.


As a rule, Botament is well below the statutory emission limits. In order to document the low, harmless emission levels in the long term, many products from the Botament product range have already been tested according to EMICODE® as being particularly low in emissions.

We have also considered the issue of dust reduction. Many of our products have been converted to dust-reducing formulations. This is an advantage for the processor in his daily handling of these products: the unpleasant and harmful inhalation of dust can thus be avoided.

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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

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