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Botament RD FPD

Schnelle, multifunktionale Reaktivabdichtung

Botament RD FPD is a quick-setting, bitumen-free reactive waterproofing for sealing components in contact with the ground in new buildings and for renovating old waterproofing.
Botament RD FPD is tested as a flexible polymer-modified thick coating according to PG-FPD.

  • Fast building sealing
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • High Quality Flexible Polymer Modified Thick Coating (FPD)
  • No primer required
  • Tight even with negative water pressure (construction phase)
  • Can be reworked with plaster, paint
  • High UV and aging resistance
  • With visual drying control



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Bitte Punkt statt Komma setzen!

21 kg- Einheit - [8,4 kg Flüssigkomponente (A), 12,6 kg Pulverkomponente (B)]