Our customers

Botament not only stands for good building materials, but it is also the people behind them.

Andreas Mellmann
Tile Laying Union

We work with Botament because we trust the building materials and because Peter is the best.

Mark Nuxol and Ralf Nuxol
Tiles Rottinghaus

The technical support at Botament is great. I get an answer to every question and we hope to work with Botament for decades to come.

Christian Kuhles
Bremer building materials

I trust Botament because we are always well advised at Botament and our sales representative always takes such great care of us.

Andreas Heyen

We trust Botament because we have contact with the manufacturer, super sales representatives on the spot and also always have a good experience with the products.

Building ceramics Isenburg, Emden

Botament just has great and trustworthy products! I think that’s just great!

Andreas Mellmann
Tile Laying Union

Botament is always the first choice for us – punctual delivery, very good field service support and – such as reactive sealants – innovative products with which we can set ourselves apart as a trade.

Daniel Bothe and
Mr Dühnen
BZN Meyer & Son

We trust Botament because there is a problem solver for everything.

Tiles Hüning

I trust Botament because of the people.

Thomas Gallo
Novum system construction

We trust Botament because we have been convinced of its quality and reliability for years. Dear Lars, thank you very much for your support!

Christina Gühlke
Bäthge building materials

I trust Botament because I can already feel the quality even in my training. And the service is of course also super. For example, if I have problems on the construction site, the sales representative comes by immediately, he also comes to the construction site and helps me – with every problem.

Max Stockmar
Tile Rink

We trust Botament because the products are good, we haven’t had any complications with them and the support staff are great and reliable.

Frank Demuth
BauXpert Schnepf in Teterow

We trust Botament because we have been working with them for 25 years. We work in industry and in the private sector. Botament has a solution for every area – with very good material. When problems have arisen, the people have always taken care of them very quickly. In other words, an all-round carefree package for the craftsman.

Frank Klapprott
F&K Klapprott tiles in Brunswick

I trust Botament because the areas of application are clearly defined.

Thomas Plank
Building centre Segl in Pfarrkirchen

Competent contact persons, the same support for years and absolute reliability.

BZN Meyer & Son

Super products, super price-performance! I love working with these products.

Stefan Reinecke
Tile storage specialist Reinecke

I trust Botament because Botament has a very good and broad product portfolio, very reliable logistics and is a strategic partner for us here at Capital Baustoffe.

Joacquin Burda-Helias
Capital building materials

I trust Botament because it is forward-looking.

Christian Kerkhoff
Tiles Kerkhoff

I trust Botament because I have never had any problems with Botament.

Mario Miessner
Ruppin expansion

We trust Botament because the interaction with the field service and the office service simply works out super. Keep it up! Thank you so much.

Cedric Mandl
Lutz building materials in Filderstadt

Less is more! And that says a lot to me. Good sales force and everything very quickly graspable by everyone and a good product. And you have to say, you know the family a lot by now and why would I want to take away what’s good for me? Flawless!

Jochen Räckow
JoRo e. K. in Elsdorf

I trust Botament because they offer innovative products at a fair price.

Daniel Brosig
Building centre Segl in Pfarrkirchen