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21. Pictogram  
Anmischverhältnis mixing ratio mengenverhouding proportion de mélange …  
22. M 21 HP  
M 21 HP Tile Adhesive from Botament Premium Flexible Thin & Medium-bed Adhesive Thin and medium-bed adhesive Can be applied to up to 10 mm in one application Flexibility S1-tested =…  
23. Multifuge Diamond  
Material data Material basis 2-component epoxy resin system Colours White (No. 10) Sandgrey (No. 15) Silvergrey (No. 16) Grey (No. 24) Charcoal (No. 26) Coacao (No. 38) Stardust (No. 80) Packaging…  
24. Health aspects  
Health aspects low emission products      BOTAMENT      BOTAFLOOR Botament products – low in dust and emissions: an asset for…  
25. Details  
26. Application Instructions  
Downloads: Application Instructions  
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28. About Botament  
Ecology & Health We never leave the environmental  friendliness of our product range to chance. Even during the development of a new formula, we select raw materials and components…  
29. About Botament  
Innovation – with added value Anyone who always does what he can always remains what he is already.* We at Botament are constantly on the move and are always trying to be successfully…  
30. About Botament  
For you. Worldwide. As a sister company of MC-Bauchemie and its 50 years' experience in scientific packaging, we now have 6 production sites in Europe and market our chemical product systems…  
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