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Ireland Name: Edward Wilson Field of activity: Sales Manager Mobile: +353 87 / 2 55 61 95  Email:     Name: Fergal McGrath …  
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Downloads: low emission products BOTAMENT  
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Anmischverhältnis mixing ratio mengenverhouding proportion de mélange …  
19. M 21 HP  
M 21 HP Tile Adhesive from Botament Premium Flexible Thin & Medium-bed Adhesive Thin and medium-bed adhesive Can be applied to up to 10 mm in one application Flexibility S1-tested =…  
20. Multifuge Diamond  
Material data Material basis 2-component epoxy resin system Colours White (No. 10) Sandgrey (No. 15) Silvergrey (No. 16) Grey (No. 24) Charcoal (No. 26) Coacao (No. 38) Stardust (No. 80) Packaging…  
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