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1. Multifuge Diamond - Ideal field of application for Multifuge Diamond  
…Ideal field of application for Multifuge Diamond  
2. Multifuge Diamond - MULTIFUGE Diamond from Botament  
MULTIFUGE Diamond from Botament multi-purpose grout that‘s super easy to use   Multifuge® Diamond is a multi-purpose 2K reactive resin joint mortar for wall and floor coverings in in- terior and exterior…  
Multi-purpose grout  
Multi-purpose grout  
5. MULTIFUGE Fine Speed  
Multi-purpose grout  
6. Multifuge Diamond  
… Whether industrial kitchen, laboratories, car wash facilities or food processing industry – Multifuge Diamond defies the strongest me- chanical and chemical stresses around. It is in particular the ease with which it…  
7. Multifuge Diamond  
… Matching dark joints with dark tiles – thanks to the great colour- fastness of Multifuge Diamond this high-performance joint mortar is particularly well suited for use with darker-coloured tiles. Sophi- sticated…  
8. Multifuge Diamond MAX  
Multi-purpose reaction resin grout 3c  
9. Multifuge Diamond  
… covers on balconies or terraces has become simpler and more reliable than ever before, by combining Multifuge Dia- mond and Terrachamp from Botament. Tiles may be fitted directly onto the waterproofing system…  
10. Multifuge Diamond  
Colour: Sandgrey (No. 15)  
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