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81. EB 100 Botascreed   EB 100 Botascreed Epoxy resin screed binder 2c BOTAMENT® EB 100 Botascreed is a water-tolerant epoxy resin for the production of reaction resin screeds in interior and exterior areas.  
82. M 200   M 200 Multi-mortar BOTAMENT M 200 Multi-mortar is one-component, hydraulically hardening mortar with a wide range of application options. Amongst others it is suitable for the levelling of substrates  
83. Renovation BS 3   Renovation BS 3 Fine concrete filler BOTAMENT® BS 3 is a one-component, highly plastic modified fine filler for levelling and fine filling works on concrete elements in interior and exterior areas.  
84. R 20 Multiprimer   R 20 Multiprimer Multi-functional primer 1C BOTAMENT® R 20 Multiprimer is a multi-functional, one-component primer for a large range of application areas. The product is suitable as a protective  
85. GARDEN PF 1K   GARDEN PF 1K Pavement Joint Mortar BOTAMENT Garden PF 1K is a one-component pavement joint mortar, pervious to water, for new grouting and renovation of drainable outside areas with bonded coverings  
86. Renovation FSP   Renovation FSP Moisture Control Render BOTAMENT® RENOVATION FSP is a special render for the moisture control of walls made of brickwork and plinth masonries in old and new buildings in both interior  
87. DE Thin-Decoupling Membrane   DE Thin-Decoupling Membrane   The BOTAMENT® DE Thin Decoupling Membrane is used for the reduction of stress between coverings made of ceramic tiles, natural stones as well as parquet floorings and  
88. RS Edge insulation strips   RS Edge insulation strips   BOTAMENT® RS Edge Insulation Strips serve to prevent acoustic bridging and induced stresses between levelling compounds and thin-bed systems and the subsequent building  
89. M 32 Supax   M 32 Supax Coloured joint BOTAMENT M 32SUPAX is a joint mortar with hydrophobic effect suitable for a vast range of application areas and for slurry application in joint widths up to 5 mm. The  
90. M 56 Speed FM   M 56 Speed FM Rapid Screed Ready-to-use Mortar BOTAMENT M 56 Speed FM is a rapidly setting ready-to-use mortar on cement basis to produce composite screeds, screeds on separation layers and  
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