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G 110 Universal Primer

G 110
blauer Engel

BOTAFLOOR G 110 is a low-emission dispersion primer for use on cement screeds, calcium sulphate screeds, concrete floors, old and sanded mastic asphalt screeds, chipboards V 100, dry lining boards, timber floor boards, stone tiles and ceramic tiles.

With BOTAFLOOR G 110 epoxy resin primers, such as BOTAFLOOR G 150, can be prepared to receive levelling compounds or adhesives instead of scattering with siliceous sand. On concrete floors and impervious substrates dilute 1 : 1, on

absorbent substrates dilute 1 : 4.

  • For absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
  • Very low-emission
  • Can be diluted with water by 1 : 4
Consumption or Usage
  • On absorbent substrates approx.:

30 – 40 g/m² g 110 (= 1:4 diluted)

  • On concrete substrates approx.:

70 – 80 g/m² g 110 (= 1:1 diluted)

  • On impervious substrates approx.:

25 – 50 g/m² g 110 (= 1:1 diluted)

Drying time

Drying times prior to levelling works:

There is no drying time to observe on cementitious substrates and on calcium

sulphate screeds when the floor is subsequently levelled using BOTAFLOOR® A 240 anhydrite levelling compound.

On impervious substrates the drying time is approx. 30 minutes, on calcium sulphate, timber and dry lining board substrates it is about 2 hours.

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