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MD 1 Speed Flexible Sealing Slurry 1c

MD 1 Speed

BOTAMENT® MD 1 SPEED is a composite sealant used under tiles, both in interior and exterior areas.  

The product is suitable for the application in wet areas as well as on balconies and terraces.

  • Highly elastic
  • Highly crack-bridging
  • Tiling is possible already after ~ 4 hours
  • Open to vapour diffusion
  • Can be brushed  and trowelled
  • Excellent application properties

Application areas

Sealing of:

  • concrete, lightweight concrete, and porous concrete
  • joint full brickwork
  • cement screeds and calcium sulphate screeds
  • plasters of the mortar categories CS II, CS III and CS IV in accordance with EN 998 (compressive strength ≥ 2.5 N/mm²)
  • BOTAMENT® BP building boards
  • fibre cement boards
  • gypsum plaster boards

Substrate preparation

The substrate must be in the following condition:

  • dry, clean and frost-free
  • stable
  • free from grease, paint, cement laitance, separating agents and loose particles

Absorbent substrates must be primed with BOTAMENT® D 11.


cool, dry and frost-free at least 9 months in its original sealed container

Mixing ratio

~ 5.0 l/ 20 kg

optimal water-solid ratio

~ 25 %

Maturing time

~ 2 minutes

Processing time

~ 30 minutes

  • mix up using cold, clean water while stirring with a slow rotating agitator until a homogenous mass has formed
  • briefly stir again after the maturing time

Sealings made of BOTAMENT® MD 1 SPEED should be done applying at least two layers by using a brush or a spattle. Before the application of the first layer apply a scratch coat to the substrate.

The total dry layer thickness of the sealing must reach at least 2.0 mm (correlating with a wet layer thickness of 2.4mm).

The maximum dry layer thickness must not exceed 4.0 mm.

The subsequent tile fitting can be performed using BOTAMENT® M 21 Classic, BOTAMENT® M 24, MULTISTAR®, MULTISTONE® or BOTAMENT® M 29 HP.

Joints, internal and external corners as well as penetrations are covered by including BOTAMENT® SB 78 System Sealing Tape and accessories in the first layer of the sealant material and worked over with the second layer.

Application and substrate temperature

+ 5° C to + 30° C

Consumption or Usage

  • Per mm dry layer thickness: ~ 1.2 kg/m²

  • For manufacturing the necessary dry layer thickness of 2.0 mm: ~ 2.4 kg/m²
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