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CF 200 Special grout 2c

CF 200

BOTAMENT® CF 200 is a mineralic-inorganic silicate joint mortar for joint widths between 2 and 20 mm.

The product is suited for grouting wall and floor coverings in both interior and exterior areas. BOTAMENT® CF 200 has been developed especially for the application in industrial buildings and in areas which are exposed to aggressive substances as for example in canteen kitchens, swimming baths and workshops.

  • High chemical resistance
  • High resistance to steam cleaners
  • High bacterial resistance
  • Open to vapour diffusion
  • High pressure and abrasion resistance
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Good flank adhesion

Application areas

Grouting of:

  • vitreous and porcelain stoneware
  • artificial stone slabs
  • floor clinker slabs
  • heavy clay
  • ceramic mosaics

Substrate preparation

In order to prevent discoloration the tile adhesive must be fully set and cured before grouting can commence.


frost-free, cool and dry at least 9 months in its original sealed container

Mixing ratio

~18 - 20 % liquid requirement

Processing time

~ 25 minutes


after ~ 3 hours

Can withstand chemical and mechanical loading

after ~ 7 days

- first pour the liquid component into a clean mixing container

- then add the measured powder component

- mix up carefully for 3- 5 minutes with a slow rotating agitator (max. 400 rpm) until a homogeneous mass has been achieved

- grout tile covering using a special grout float

- pre-wash the surface using a hydro sponge and continue with the final cleaning immediately

Application temperature

+ 5 °C to + 30 °C

Consumption or Usage

format (cm) 24 x 11.5 (split tiles)

joint width (mm) 8

joint depth (mm) 10

= 2.29 kg/m²

format (cm) 20 x 20

joint width (mm) 5

joint depth (mm) 8

= 0.83 kg/m²

Vital information

Store in original container only. Do not tranfer BOTAMENT® CF 200 to containers made of zinc, aluminium or other light metals.

Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
12 kg unit: 10 kg (2x5 kg) Powder; 2 kg (2x1 kg) Liquid component Plastic bucket grey (Nr. 24) - 16 Units/s 74950700295609 4030905100327
30 kg unit (25 kg Powder; 5 kg Liquid component ) Plastic bucket grey (Nr. 24) - - 74952700375609 4030905110463
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