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EF 500 EK 500 Epoxy resin joint and adhesive mortar 2K

EF 500 EK 500

BOTAMENT® EF 500 EK 500 is an epoxy resin joint and adhesive mortar for wall and floor coverings in interior and exterior areas with high chemical resistance.

As a joint mortar BOTAMENT® EF 500 EK 500 is suitable for joint width between 2 and 10 mm. As adhesive mortar BOTAMENT® EF 500 EK 500 is suitable for tile covers made from stoneware, porcelain stoneware, split tiles, floor clinker slabs, clinker tiles, as well as for ceramics and glass mosaics.

The simultaneous use as joint and adhesive mortar offers the advantage of having the same colour for both installation and joint material, which is particularly important when fitting glass tiles or small mosaics.

  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy application
  • Can be cleaned easily with cold water
  • Good shoulder bonding
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Approved for drinking water and use in swimming pools
  • Tested in accordance with EN 12004: R2 T

Application areas

  • swimming pools
  • showers
  • industrial kitchens
  • drinks industry
  • food industry

Suitable substrates

  • concrete
  • cement and lime cement of categories CS II and CS III (compressive strength ≥ 2.5 N/mm²)
  • cement screeds and calcium sulphate screeds


frost-free, cool and dry at least 12 months in its original sealed container

Mixing ratio

2,5 (A): 1 (B)

Open time

~ 15 minutes

Processing time

~ 30 minutes


after approx. 24 hours

Can withstand mechanical loading

after approx. 3 days

Can withstand chemical loading

after approx. 7 days

  • add component B to component A and mix the two with a slowly rotating agitator for at least 3 minutes
  • so as to avoid mixing mistakes re-pot BOTAMENT® EF 500 EK 500 into a clean container (scrape container clean thoroughly) and mix again

Application and substrate temperature

+ 10 °C to + 25 °C

Consumption or Usage

Joint mortar:

tile format (cm) 20 x 20

joint width (mm) 5

joint depth (mm) 8

0.67 kg/m²

tile format (cm) 2 x 2 (mosaic)

joint width (mm) 3

joint depth (mm) 3

1.26 kg/m²

Adhesive mortar:

6 mm notched trowel ~ 2.8 kg/m²

8 mm notched trowel ~ 3.6 kg/m²

Vital information

When installing ceramic coverings all applicable standards and guidelines must be observed in their current versions.

Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
5 kg Plastic bucket white (Nr. 10) - - 96527100195609 4030905110548
5 kg Plastic bucket grey (Nr. 24) - - 96527700195609 4030905110517
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Plastic bucket"white (Nr. 10)" (5kg)

Plastic bucket"grey (Nr. 24)" (5kg)

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