Product systems: Structural sealing & repair

RD 2 The Green 1 Fast, multi-functional reactive sealant

RD 2 The Green 1
polymer technology

BOTAMENT® RD 2 The Green 1 is a rapidly setting, bitumenfree reactive sealant for the waterproofing of structural elements that are in contact with the ground in new buildings and for the repair of existing waterproofing. BOTAMENT® RD 2 The Green 1 is certificated according to the European technical approval (ETA-18/0326) as a flexible polymer thick coating. BOTAMENT® RD 2 The Green 1 is tested according to BS EN 14891.

  • Fast waterproofing of building structures
  • With ETA certification
  • No priming necessary
  • Highly flexible and crack-bridging
  • Stockable down to - 5 °C
  • Impervious even under negative water pressure (during construction phase)
  • Can be painted and plastered over or covered with tiles
  • High UV, frost and aging resistance
  • With visible curing control
  • Tested imperviousness against radon according to ISO 11665
  • Tested as composite sealant according to BS EN 14891
Application areas
  • waterproofing of basement walls, floor slabs foundations, balconies and terraces
  • repair of existing waterproofing to buildings and roofs
  • waterproofing of butt and construction joints in water-impermeable concrete structures
  • intermediate sealant under screeds
  • horizontal waterproofing in and underneath walls
  • waterproofing of water features in landscape gardening
  • sealing of water containers
  • fixing of protection and insulation boards

Substrate preparation

The substrate must be in the following condition:

  • dry to slightly damp, clean and frost-free
  • stable
  • free from grease, paint, cement laitance, separating agents, sinter layers, honeycombs, protruding mortar residues and loose particles
  • cut off protruding horizontal waterproofing so it sits flush

Depending on the appearance of the substrate the following substrates must receive a scratch coat prior to application of the first waterproofing layer:

  • concrete, render and brickwork
  • profilings and large-scaled defects (for this purpose mix BOTAMENT® RD 2 The Green 1 with 30 % of dried quartz sand of grain size 0.5 – 1.2 mm)
  • old waterproofing layers

Mineral substrates must be pre-wetted prior to application of the first waterproofing layer.


frost-free, cool and dry at least 12 months in its original sealed container

Mixing ratio

1 :1

Processing time

~ 45 minutes

- add component B to component A and mix both together with a slowly rotating mixer for at least 2 minutes

BOTAMENT® RD 2 The Green 1 is applied using a paste brush, smoothing trowel or spray device in at least two layers.

Application and substrate temperature

+ 5° C to + 30° C

Consumption or Usage

- load case: ground moisture/ non-accumulating seepage water:

wet layer thickness : layer thickness 2.3

dry layer thickness : layer thickness 2.0

consumption : 2.7 kg/ m²

- load case: accumulating seepage water/ pressing water:

wet layer thickness : layer thickness 2.8

dry layer thickness : layer thickness 2.5

consumption : 3.3 kg/ m²

- scratch coat:

consumption : 0.5 - 1.2 kg/ m²

Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
8 kg Plastic bucket green - 33 Units/s 34100600225609 4030905050851
20 kg Plastic bucket green - 12 Units/s 34100600355609 4030905050820
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