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BTF 200 TERRACHAMP Balcony and terrace joint mortar 2c


BOTAMENT® BTF 200 TERRACHAMP is a diffusion-open reaction resin joint mortar suitable for slurry application to install floor coverings on balconies and terraces. BOTAMENT® BTF is suitable for joint widths of 3 to 15 mm. BOTAMENT® BTF 200 TERRACHAMP must exclusively be used together with BOTAMENT® BTK 200 TERRACHAMP Balcony and Terrace Adhesive as a system.

  • Highly vapour-diffusion-open system
  • Excellent adhesion to tile edges
  • Easy to wash with cold water
  • Revolutionary colour fastness without colour pigments
  • Optimal application even at high temperatures
  • For almost all ceramic tiles and natural stones slabs not prone to discolouration
  • High protection against efflorescence by HYDRO O2 Flex-Technology
Application areas

Grouting of:

  • vitreous stoneware and porcelain
  • split tiles
  • floor clinker slabs and clinker tiles
  • hand-made tiles
  • many natural stone types

Substrate preparation

The joints must be in the following condition:

  • dry to slightly damp and clean
  • free from adhesive materials, separating agents and loose particles


frost-free, cool and dry at least 12 months in its original sealed container

Mixing ratio

15.7 (A) : 1 (B)

Processing time

~ 30 minutes


after ~ 24 hours

  • add B component to A component and mix both together with a slowly rotating mixer for at least 3 minutes
  • to avoid mixing mistakes re-pot the binder agent after mixing into a clean container (scratch container absolutely clean) and mix up again
  • grout tile cover using a foamed rubber or special jointing board
  • prewash surface with a hydro sponge (for contoured coverings use a soft fleece sponge) and then carry out the final clean (wash until clean)
  • renew washing water frequently
  • don't mix material again that has started to set

The exact mixing ratio as stated by the manufacturer must be adhered to.

Application and substrate temperature

+ 10 °C to + 30 °C

Consumption or Usage

tile format (cm) 24 x 11.5 (split tiles)

joint width (mm) 8

joint depth (mm) 10

= 1.49 kg/m²

tile format (cm) 20 x 20

joint width (mm) 5

joint depth (mm) 8

= 0.54 kg/m²

Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
5 kg Plastic bucket grey (Nr. 24) - 33 Units/s 96550700195609 4030905131352
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