Product systems: Natural stone

M 13 Stone Natural stone mortar medium-bed/ thick-bed method

M 13 Stone


BOTAMENT® M 13 Stone is a rapidly setting natural stone mortar for fitting wall and floor coverings made of almost all calibrated and not calibrated natural stones in interior and exterior areas.


  • Fast curing
  • For heated areas
  • Highly stable
  • Colour: light grey
  • High protection against efflorescence and discoloration
Application areas


Bonding of natural stones such as granite, porphyry, quartzite, Solnhofen slabs and marble


Suitable substrates



  • concrete, lightweight concrete and porous concrete
  • joint full brickwork
  • plasters of the mortar categories CS II, CS III and CS IV (compressive strength ≥ 2.5 N/mm²)
  • BOTAMENT® Bauplatten [building boards]
  • old tiling
  • gypsum walls, gypsum cardboard and gypsum fibreboards
  • cement screeds and calcium sulphate screeds


Substrate preparation


The substrate must be in the following condition:

  • dry, clean and frost-free
  • stable
  • free from grease, paint, cement laitance, separating agents, sinter layers and loose particles

Absorbent substrates must be primed with BOTAMENT® D 11.




cool and dry at least 9 months in its original sealed container


Mixing ratio


~ 5.0- 6.0 l water / 25 kg


Maturing time


~ 2 minutes


Open time


~ 15 minutes


Processing time


~ 40 minutes


Maximum layer thickness


30 mm




after ~ 3 hours


Can be grouted


after ~ 3 hours



  • mix up using cold, clean water while stirring with a slow rotating agitator until a homogenous, stiff and paste-like mass has formed.


Application and substrate temperature


+ 5 °C to + 30 °C


Consumption or Usage


consumption medium bed: ~ 5.4 kg/m²


Vital information


When fitting natural stones all existing standards and guidelines in their current versions must be observed.


Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
25 kg Paper sack light grey - 40 Units/s 49223300375609 4030905080254
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