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Renovation HB 1 Mineral corrosion protection and bonding coat 1c

Renovation HB 1


BOTAMENT® HB 1 is a mineral based, one-component corrosion protection and bonding coat for the repair of concrete elements in static relevant and non-relevant areas.


  • Can be worked over quickly
  • High corrosion protection
  • For interior and exterior areas
  • Easy processing
  • For works overhead
Application areas



  • active corrosion protection for reinforcing steel within the scope of concrete repair works
  • bonding coat for repair mortar


Suitable substrates



  • concrete
  • brickwork
  • cement screed


Substrate preparation


The substrate must be in the following condition:

  • dry and frost-free
  • stable
  • slightly damp
  • free from grease, paint, cement laitance, separating agents and loose particles
  • standard cleanliness degree of steel substrates in accordance with EN ISO 12944: SA 2 ½




cool and dry at least 12 months in its original sealed container


Mixing ratio


~ 0.8 - 1.0 l water/ 5 kg


Processing time


~ 60 minutes




  • mix up using cold, clean water while stirring with a slow rotating agitator
  • thereafter apply Renovation HB 1 immediately using a suitable tool (trowel, brush)


Application and substrate temperature


+ 5 °C up to + 30 °C


Consumption or Usage


~ 1.0 kg/ m²


Interval between application of layers


- between 1. and 2. corrosion protection coat: ~ 3 hours

- between 2. corrosion protection coat and bonding coat: ~ 3 hours

- between bonding coat and repair mortar: application of the mortar onto the fresh bonding coat


Container Dispatch unit sold by the pallet Product number EAN Code
5 kg Paper sack grey 4 units packed in foil - 44000700195609 4030905102314
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