TERRACHAMP with drainage mortar

Terrace/Balcony structure with drainage mortar

TERRACHAMP with drainage mortar

Do balconies with low mounting heights give you a headache? The TERRACHAMP system offers you a simple and uncomplicated solution. Installing terraces and balconies in combination with a drainage mortar is becoming ever more popular with applicators. In addition to the low mounting height the overall construction can be installed without requiring additional components by other manufacturers. Thanks to the material composition no water is retained long-term in the tile and joint mortar. What's particularly special: The drainage mortar is highly suited for draining and is also lime and cement-free. This prevents a blockage of the drainage mortar caused by lime and silicate efflorescences. Another significant advantage is that the substrates that are normally not suitable for having tiles fitted, such as bitumen or plastic sheeting, can still be professionally and reliably tiled using this construction.


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This problem scenario is frequently encountered by applicators. Waterproofing is in place (bituminous or plastic sheeting), but how on earth should a sensible constructionwith tiles or natural stone still fit in here?


In a waterproofing according to DIN 18195 a single-layered PE foil is applied to a substrate with a gradient of at least 1% and is brought up to the parts of the bordering structural parts.


After installation of an edging insulation strip the drainage mortar can be applied with a minimum layer thickness of 2 cm, is levelled and rubbed off.


The TK 200 TERRACHAMP is applied onto the drainage mortar with a notched trowel suited to the respective tile size.


The cured covering is grouted with TF 200 TERRACHAMP using a hard rubber jointing board and washed off. Fully functional systematic drainage.