Terrace/Balcony structure with drainage matt

TERRACHAMP with drainage matt

Balconies and terraces with a drainage system are recommended by many experts and are therefore on the rise. The TERRACHAMP is compatible with most drainage system available in the market. Foundation slabs made from new reinforced concrete are ready to receive cover after just 3 months when installing a sealing and decoupling board in connection with BOTAMENT® M 10 Speed. For old concrete substrates it is recommended to apply a primer or bonding slurry to achieve optimal bonding with the screed. The existing substrate must be clean, stable, even and free from separating components and must have a gradient of at least 1.5 to 2 %.


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After a contact slurry has been applied and a border has been installed on the rapid screed BOTAMENT® M 56 Speed is applied to the stable substrate.


After the primer has been rolled on and has dried the sealing and decoupling membrane M 10 Speed can be applied using a 4 to 6 mm notched trowel. The edges must overlap in the direction of flow.


The drainage sheet is applied in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. In fixed installation BOTAMENT® M 10 Speed is applied using a 6 x 6 mm notched trowel and the drainage sheet is then embedded into the adhesive bed applying light pressure with a smoothing trowel.


The TK 200 TERRACHAMP is applied with notched trowel that suits the respective size of the tile covering. It is not necessary to use the combination method or the cavity-free installation!


The TF 200 TERRACHAMP is easily inserted into the joints using a hard rubber jointing board. In high temperatures the joint does not flare up and can be washed for quite a long time thereafter.


Once the grout starts setting it is moulded with a grouting sponge and the excess material is washed off.