Levelling floors

with self-spreading levelling compounds

Levelling compounds are the ideal way to deal with large floors that need to be levelled. In addition to fast application and easy handling they furthermore produce a perfect substrate on which to lay tiles and other floor coverings. Levelling compounds not only provide the answer to the problem of levelling out impermissible dimensional tolerances in a surface or to level out different heights in repair measures, they are also generally required where extra large tile sizes or smooth floor coverings - such as PVC or linoleum - demand such a high degree of evenness that screeds simply aren’t able to produce. Before the levelling compound is applied the floor surfaces are first primed and edging strips are fixed to the rising building parts. When the compound is mixed up, particular attention must be paid to ensuring that the exact amount of water is added to the mix.

In addition to levelling compounds that are suitable for a diverse range of applica- tions such as BOTAMENT M 50 Classic (up to 20 mm layer thickness) and BOTAMENT M 51 Classic (from 5 to 30 mm layer thickness) there are also special levelling compounds such as BOTAMENT M 53 Extra is at hand. This fibre-reinforced levelling compound offers added security with regard to crack formation and may be installed up to an overall 40 mm height by adding quartz sand. 


Preparing the substrate in record time

In order to greatly shorten the process of making the substrate level, BOTAMENT BS 50 Speed may be used as an accelerator for levelling compounds; this will assist profes- sional installers who are then able to fit the tiles to the substrate after just 90 minutes waiting time - simply by adding it as an additive to the mixing water. 

Expert Tip:


Adding BOTAMENT BS 50 Speed accelerator to the BOTAMENT levelling compounds M 50 Classic and M 51 Classic makes it possible to fit tiles after just 90 minutes. 


Absorbent floors are primed with BOTAMENT D 11


Pouring out the levelling compound BOTAMENT M 50 Classic


Distribution of the poured out levelling compound BOTAMENT M 50 Classic using a smoothing trowel. 


Aerating the levelling layer with a spiked roller. 

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