Levelling floors

using rapid screeds

In the event of old cement screeds or concrete slabs showing breakouts or isolated defects, these areas can quickly and easily be made good using BOTAMENT M 56 Speed FM ready-to-go rapid screed mortar. However, sometimes the old screed can no longer be made good, worse still, there may not even be one. When it comes to working on residential properties with the occupants being around at the same time it is essential to have systems that can be fitted with the respective covers or tiles as soon as possible. A new screed installed using BOTAMENT M 56 Speed FM can be fitted with tiles after as little as 4 hours later. Long curing and drying times are thus a thing of the past. Prior to commencement of repair works or installation of a new screed any cracks in the solid substrate that may be present must be filled first using R70 Pouring Resin 2K (2 parts). 


Application of BOTAMENT M 56 Speed onto the separation layer 


Remove excess screed 


Rub off screed 


Smooth down screed

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