Levelling floors and walls

using firm levelling compounds

Wall and floor surfaces are seldom in such good condition that would allow them to be covered with tiles or slabs immediately or without doing some kind of prep work beforehand. This is almost always true when it comes to restoration works, but even in new buildings it may be necessary to carry out some levelling or smoothing works in order to achieve the necessary surface evenness (DIN 18202 “Tolerances in Building Construction”) needed for a thin-bed type installation; plus, damage spots need to be made good and butt joints or break-outs have to be filled and closed off.

Apart from this, it is often necessary, let‘s say on balconies or in bathrooms where walk-in showers are to be installed, to first create a gradient layer so that the water flows off right where it needs to.

For these purposes firm mate- rials such as BOTAMENT M 200 light levelling filler (up to 30 mm), BOTAMENT M 200 levelling mortar (from 3 to 50 mm) are ideal. Both products may be used in interior and exterior areas and are ready to be worked on after approximately 2 hours.




Installation of a gradient layer with BOTAMENT M 200 in flush-to-floor shower areas. 


Levelling off uneven wall surfaces with BOTAMENT M 200 in layer thicknesses of up to 50 mm. 


Application of a thin-layer of the levelling filler BOTAMENT M 200 across the entire area. 


Working over the BOTAMENT M 200 area with a float for smoothing down. 

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