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Substrate preperation

Contact layers on smooth, non-absorbent substrates

As an alternative to priming, it is also possible to create contact layers produced from cement-based and highly polymer-modified materials. This method is particularly suitable when pre-treating smooth, non-absorbent substrates in exterior areas, such as old tiles on balconies and terraces. Smooth concrete surfaces are also ideal to be prepared in this way. BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed Flexible sealing slurry is excellent for this purpose and application is simple. 


Application of BOTAMENT Multiprimer R 20 onto a calcium sulphate screed that needs to be protected against moisture penetration from the rear. 


Roll BOTAMENT Multiprimer R 20 onto the cleaned steel plate. 


Installation of a bonding course with BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed onto an existing terrace cover. 


Application of the sealant (in two layers) BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed also integrating a BOTAMENT SB 78 system sealing tape and an interior corner. 

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