Laying tiles and natural stones

Rendered and exposed brickwork

Exposed brickwork:

When laying tiles and natural stones on exposed brickwork such as porous concrete, sandlime brick, brick, pumice stone etc. it is important for the substrate to be level and perpendicular. Country-specific regulations and standards must be followed.


Rendered brickwork:

In principle renders of the class CS II, III and IV in accordance with EN 998-1 are suitable if they have a minimum compressive strength of 1.5 N/mm2.


Priming the substrate with the single component deep-action primer BOTAMENT D 11.


Spreading out MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE with a suitably large notched trowel.


Positioning of the tiles into the adhesive bed made from MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE.


Washing out the joints lightly without leaving a laitance film.