Laying tiles and natural stones

Plaster board, dry screeds, fibre cement boards and building boards

Nowadays, plaster board, fibre cement boards, dry screeds and building boards form an indispensible part in new build construction, in building extensions and particularly when renovating. As a matter of principle great attention must be paid to ensuring the construction has static stability and is level and smooth, as these are vital for the durability of the ceramic cover. In general, prior priming using the deep-action primer BOTAMENT D 11 is necessary on plaster board, fibre cement board and dry screeds.


Priming the substrate with the single component deep-action primer BOTAMENT D 11.


Alternatively for building boards: in the joint areas of the building boards a fabric strip made from BOTAMENT GS 98 should be inserted to avoid crack formation.


Spreading out MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE with a suitably large notched trowel.


Positioning of the tiles into the adhesive bed made from MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE.


Grouting with MULTIFUGE Base or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.


Washing out the joints lightly without leaving a laitance film.