Laying tiles and natural stones

Concrete and pre-cast concrete elements

The high shrinkage of concrete during the course of its strength development and curing puts great demands on the tile adhesive. Hollow areas and cracks may be the result with regards to ceramic covers. Tile covers should not be bonde with conventional tile adhesive if the concrete is less than 6months old. The multifunctional adhesives MULTISTAR and MULTISTONE are the exception here. Concrete and precast concrete elements can be bonded with both of these multifunctional adhesives after just 3 months. The concrete substrate must be thoroughly inspected prior to laying the tiles. Formwork oil residue and sinter layers may cause damage to the adhesion of the ceramic covers at a later stage. Checking for formwork oil residue can be carried out through wetting the area with water. Sinter layers can in most cases be determined on site by way of a scratch test.


Priming of the concrete with the single component deep-action primer BOTAMENT D 11. Prior to the priming the concrete must be checked for sinter layers and formwork release oil residue.


Spreading out a contact layer of MULTISTAR.


Positioning and embedding of the tiles into the adhesive bed of MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE.


Grouting with MULTIFUGE Base or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.