Laying onto existing substrates

Old cover residues, coatings, old tiles & paints

A contemporary new natural stone or tile cover adds value to the overall living space. However, removing the existing old cover is laborious, expensive and time-consuming. Non water-soluble, old and hard-toremove paints, coatings and cover residues can generally be directly over-layed with tiles and natural stones without the need for elaborate removal or sanding down. Smooth paints or coatings must be keyed first.


Substrate priming using BOTAMENT D 15. Alternatively, for exterior areas apply a scratch coat with BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed.


Spreading out MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE with a suitably large notched trowel.


Positioning of the tiles into the adhesive bed made from MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE.


Grouting with MULTIFUGE Base or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.


Optimal washing out of the joints without leaving a laitance film.


Highly polished joints with MULTIFUGE Base or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.