Laying onto existing substrates

Metal, wood, synthetics and polyester

The bonding of tiles and natural stones onto metal, wood, synthetic materials, polyester and other problematic substrates is often a challenging task for the floor layer. BOTAMENT EF 500/EK 500 is the ideal solution solving the problems such extremely difficult areas pose due to their excellent adhesion, durability and flexibility. In the event of footfall sound insulation being required we recommend fitting our footfall sound and decoupling membrane.


The metal substrate must be free of separating agents and must be resistant to bending as far as possible. Priming is not necessary.


Spreading out BOTAMENT EF 500/EK 500 onto the metal substrate.


Positioning the tiles onto BOTAMENT EF 500/EK 500. A suitably large notched trowel must be used in order to achieve good bonding transfer.


Imbedding the tiles into the adhesive bed.


Grouting with BOTAMENT M 30 or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.


Washing out the joints lightly without leaving a laitance film.

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