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Laying in wet areas

Sealing membranes in showers and bathrooms

Sealing membranes are increasingly used as the time-saving waterproofing solution for showers and bathrooms. With BOTAMENT M 21 Classic or alternatively BOTAMENT M 10 Speed BOTAMENT offers applicators here the advantage of needing just two products to complete the entire construction including both waterproofing and bonding.


Priming with BOTAMENT D 11.


Spreading out BOTAMENT M 21 Classic/BOTAMENT M 10 Speed after fitting of the sealing tape and interior edge BOTAMENT SB 78.


Laying the sealing and decoupling membrane in BOTAMENT M 21 Classic/M 10 Speed with a 5 cm overlap.


Inserting the BOTAMENT sealing and decoupling membrane into the wall areas.


Laying the cover with BOTAMENT M 21 Classic.


Grouting with BOTAMENT MF 300 or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.