Laying in wet areas

Liquid sealing in showers and bathrooms

The laying of tiles in showers and bathrooms is a complex matter. Here it is imperative to carry out all detailed works such as the fitting of sealing tape for instance with due diligence and care. Suitable substrates are plasterboard, lime cement plaster, and rendering.*


*Country-specific regulations and standards must be followed


Installing a fall made from BOTAMENT M 200.


Priming of the fall with BOTAMENT D 11.


Inserting the sealing tapes BOTAMENT SB 78 and inside and outside edges with BOTAMENT SB 78.


Rolling out the sealing membrane BOTAMENT DF 9, to be applied in 2 layers (alternatively BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed)


Positioning of the tiles into the adhesive bed made from MULTISTAR or MULTISTONE.


Lightly washing out the joints without leaving a laitance film.