Laying in exterior areas

Sealing slurries on terraces & balconies

Balcony constructions are subjected to extreme load impacts due to ever changing weather influences of rain, snow, frost and sunshine and the temperature changes that this entails. Moisture frequently damages covers and substrates. As a matter of course we therefore recommend applying a scratch coat prior to installing the first waterproofing layer.


Installing a fall of at least 2 % made from BOTAMENT M 200.


Priming of the fall with BOTAMENT D 11.


Inserting the sealing tape BOTAMENT SB 78 and inside edge with BOTAMENT SB 78 into BOTAMENT MD 2The Blue 1 or BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed.


Spreading out the sealants BOTAMENT MD 2The Blue 1 or BOTAMENT MD 1 Speed in two layers.


Laying of uncalibrated natural stones with MULTISTONE.


Grouting of joints with MULTIFUGE Base.