Renovating, Modernising, Repairing

Laying in exterior areas

Sealing membranes on terraces & balconies

Sealing membranes are also becoming ever more popular when tiles are fitted in exterior areas as application is timesaving. BOTAMENT offers the advantage that by using the flexible superior adhesive BOTAMENT M 21 Classic only two products are needed to complete the entire construction including both waterproofing and bonding.


Priming the screed with BOTAMENT D 11.


Inserting the sealing tape BOTAMENT SB 78 and inside edge with BOTAMENT SB 78 into BOTAMENT M 21 Classic/M 10 Speed.


Laying the sealing and decoupling membrane in BOTAMENT M 21 Classic/M 10 Speed with a 5 cm overlap.


Laying the tiles with BOTAMENT M 21 Classic applied to substrate and tile.


Grouting of joints using MULTIFUGE Base or MULTIFUGE Fine/Fine Speed.


Lightly washing out the joints without leaving a laitance film.