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Floor coverings outside

Sound planning coupled with the right system

Tiles and slabs are the classic coverings for exterior areas. They are the obvious choice because they look good and are highly practical. Tiles and natural stones are available in many colours and sizes and because of this diverse range, are able to fulfil most customers‘ design ideas.

The complete grouting of all the joints means tile coverings are easy to clean. Over the years the range of sizes on the market has steadily increased, as did the choice of different cover types; as a consequence fitting products such as adhesives and grouts also continue to have to be adjusted to suit requirements.

Balconies and terraces are exposed to many different stresses. Coverings and flooring installation materials are stressed to their limits. In addition to constant wetness and freeze-thaw cycles, covers also have to withstand thermal stresses and this over many years.

If previously it was the smaller sized formats, mostly consisting of extruded tiles, customer demand today has changed. Large-scale formats generally fitted in interior areas are increasingly desired for outside areas as well.


The main aim of our long-standing research & development work was and is to this day to create tailored products that offer you the right solution for any job at hand.