Custom-made and tailored


Why not go for a washstand with a difference? With BOTAMENT® BP Building Boards you are able to create your very own, unique washstand. Whether round, angular or to suit the respective space – the easy cut-to-fit boards make it possible.

You simply chose the building board in the most appropriate strength (> 4 cm) and cut it to suit your needs using a jigsaw.   For round claddings it is advisable to bond a couple of building boards together to give the structure greater stability.

Once the base structure is in place the washstand countertop can be fastened to the sub-structure with dowels designed for rigid foam boards.

Apply the adhesive BOTAMENT® M 21 with a notched trowel, the mosaic tiles are fitted within the adhesive open time and once the adhesive bed has cured the mosaic tiles are grouted with Multifuge Schmal.

Expert Tip:




Cut the building board into the desired shape.


Use coarse sandpaper to sand the rough cut edge until it’s smooth.


For round claddings bond two building boards together and fix in place until securely bonded.


Screw the sub-structure to the washstand countertop using dowels for rigid foam boards.


Fit the mosaic tiles into the Botament® M 21 adhesive bed within the permitted open time.


Once the tile adhesive has fully cured grout the joints using Multifuge Schmal.