Botament® Building Board

Bespoke room design that fits

Shower Partition Wall

You want something a little special?

With BOTAMENT® BP Building Boards you can produce partition walls that meet your very personal design ideas and preferences. 

Even round or abstract designs are feasible.

First a sub-structure is made, for example from studding, and is safely fixed into position. Then the building board is screwed to the sub-structure.

In wet areas a damp-proof course must be laid prior to fitting the tiles. This can be done with BOTAMENT® DF 9 Plus, or alternatively, using the BOTAMENT® AE Sealing and Decoupling membrane. If this is bonded with the flexible rapid adhesive BOTAMENT® M 10 Speed the progress onsite will be exceptionally fast.




Produce a stable sub-structure and make it sufficiently solid. Fasten the sub-structure to the substrate.


Version 1: apply a damp-proof course using Botament® DF 9 Plus in 2 layers. Insert the Botament® SB 78 system sealing tape into the interior corners between the first and second layer. 


Version 2: bond the Botament® AE Sealing and Decoupling Membrane with Botament® M 10 Speed or M 21 and press down with a roll making sure there are no creases. Embed the Botament® SB 78 System Sealing Tape into the inside corners


Version 2: Make the floor drain area watertight with Botament® SB 78 Accessories – Bond the floor-to-wall edging with Botament® M 10 Speed or M 21.


Once fully cured apply Botament® M 21 with a suitable notched trowel and lay the tiles. 


Once the wall tiles have cured grout using Multifuge Schmal [narrow]