Making all traces of installation invisible

Lining the pipes

Pipes and heating pipes are necessary for supply but are unsightly and must be hidden from view. It requires a lot of professional skill to clad and make them invisible. The BOTAMENT® RK Pipe Boxing makes this an easy task. The ready-made boxing in various sizes makes for easy and quick fitting. Cut the BOTAMENT® RK Pipe Boxing to the required length, apply BOTAMENT® M 21 Tile Adhesive in glue dot patches onto the sides of the building board and press the pipe boxing with adhesive firmly against the walls, adjusting its position. Then remove the excess adhesive with a trowel and apply the boxing decoration.

Expert Tip:

Hide what must not be seen: Encase your pipes so that they are efficient and look good! It's never been easier to encase unsightly pipes and create harmony and order in the bathroom or wetroom.




Work out the exact lengths of Botament® RK Pipe Boxing required and cut down to size


Apply Botament® M 21 in small glue dot patches along the two sides of the Botament® RK Pipe Boxing


Attach the pipe boxing by pressing it firmly against the walls


Use a spirit level to ensure both sides are perpendicular


Remove any excess adhesive


The pipe boxing can now be tiled without the need for any further priming