Producing an even surface fast

Levelling the substrate

A level substrate is essential when it comes to fitting tiles

Especially when it comes to restoration works, builders are frequently faced with different substrates that need to be levelled quickly and reliably. BOTAMENT® BP Building Boards offer a simple and clean solution that saves time to boot.

As the board can simply be cut with a carpet knife, it takes next to no time to cut the board to suit the space.  Where the substrate is uneven apply adhesive batches on the back (at least 5/m²) with a trowel. The BOTAMENT® BP Building Board is applied to the substrate and is made to sit perpendicular and in alignment using a spirit level.

The main advantage of the building board is that there are no waiting times involved. The next building boards can be fitted to the freshly laid board immediately – and so forth until the entire substrate is complete.  The butt joints between the boards are simply filled with BOTAMENT® GS 98 and BOTAMENT® M 21. Once the adhesive has fully cured the building board is fixed to the substrate with BOTAMENT® dowels.


Absorbent substrates are primed with Botament® D 11. This primer is rolled onto the substrate or is applied with a paint brush.


The adhesive batches are evenly distributed across the building board. The number of batches should correspond to the unevenness of the substrate (at least 5/m2).


The building board is made to sit perpendicular and in alignment with the substrate. If the substrate is uneven the adhesive can be applied with a notched trowel instead of in batches.


Butt joints are closed with Botament® GS 98 and Botament® M 21.


To fix the board to the substrate dowels are driven into the predrilled holes once the adhesive has dried fully.


Thanks to the special coating of the Botament® BP Building Board the subsequent tile fitting can be done with Botament® M 21 without any need to prime the board first.