Factories & Warehouses

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Tiling in factories and warehouses

Floor covers in factory halls, supermarkets and showrooms are without fail subjected to high mechanical, and often also chemical loads, due to the cleaning agents used to keep them clean. For this reason it is imperative to aim for an installation that is free of any voids for such heavily used floors. As a result the “combined method” is used here, which becomes significantly more efficient when using adhesives with fluid-bed properties. Botament’s premium flexible floor adhesive, M 29 HP, features exactly this quality without losing any of the required stability. A point that is particularly important when fitting large floor tiles, as these tend to sag during the curing of the adhesive, which in turn can lead to spills or so-called hot spots that are unattractive and spoil the finished look.

To save time, joint mortar is frequently applied as slurry. With Multifuge Base this is really simple to do and any “premature drying” of the mortar is avoided. What’s more, this joint mortar also features outstanding cleaning properties.

For application areas that are subject to aggressive substances or heavy mechanical abrasion, we recommend using CF 200 Special Joint Mortar 2c. This joint mortar is filled into the joints in the traditional way and is then washed off. 


Prime absorbent substrates with BOTAMENT® D 11


Apply the Premium Flexible Floor Adhesive BOTAMENT® M 29 HP


Lay the tiles using the combined method


Slurry-in the slurry mixture Multifuge Base using a rubber squeegee


Grouting of CF 200 using a grout float


Wash off the veil left behind by Multifuge Base or CF 200