Car ‘wash & pamper’ day

Tiling car wash plants

Mild and gentle to the car’s paintwork and metal, but taking its toll on the tiled cover: all that’s good for your car and make it shine and look as good as new is really taking it out on the ceramic floor tiles! Floors have to withstand not only alkaline cleaning agents such as car wash shampoos, but also the particularly acidic wheel rim cleaners, not to mention the stress from dynamic loads such as vehicles driving over them.

For these reasons waterproofing and tile fitting systems using reactive resins are a must here. So, to seal the floor we recommend using BOTAMENT® RA 170, while Multifuge Diamond does a perfect job in filling the joints. The good news for the professional tile fitter: now he only requires a single product on site for his tiling job, the EF 500/EK 500!

For the walls – which suffer a lot less than the floors – Botament offers a time and cost-saving alternative: the BOTAMENT® AE Sealant and Decoupling Membrane for damp proofing. The wall tiles can then be laid on top, using the mineral adhesives M 21 Classic or M 10 Speed, and the joints are filled using the silicate joint mortar CF 200*. This way all areas are tiled and waterproofed to technical perfection that is cost-effective to boot. 


Wall: Fit the BOTAMENT® AE Sealant and Decoupling Membrane to the wall which has been primed with BOTAMENT® D 11


Lay the wall tiles into a bed of M 10 Speed Flexible Speed Adhesive


Grout the wall joints with BOTAMENT® CF 200 Special Joint Mortar


Floor: Apply the first layer of BOTAMENT® RA 170 Reaction Resin Sealant onto the floor primed with BOTAMENT® E 120 and embed the BOTAMENT® SB 78 Sanitary Tape + Interior Corner


Scatter dry quartz sand in to the still fresh second layer of BOTAMENT® RA 170 for the tiling that follows in the next step


Lay the floor tiles into a bed of Flexible Superior Adhesive M 21 Classic or M 10 Speed / grout the floor tiles with Multifuge Diamond