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Fitting tiles in swimming pools

The planning of swimming pools and the subsequent expert workmanship is a highly specialised and challenging affair. In particular the interplay of hydraulic water pressure and constant moisture penetration mean the systems are put under extreme stress.

For the waterproofing of swimming pool basins the rulebooks stipulate using bonded damp-proofing systems consisting of a polymer-mortar combination or reaction resins, which must have the approval from a German building authority for load class B.

The material-specific dry layer thicknesses must be adhered to without fail! The intensely blue colour of MD 2 The Blue 1 serves as a visual drying aid. A mere 4 hours after completing the second waterproofing layer, the substrate may be tiled.

What’s more, the tile fitter has the advantage of an extended processing time, so that even very large areas can easily be tiled without showing any edges. In addition to the traditional trowel application, this waterproofing system can also be sprayed on.


Prime absorbent substrates with BOTAMENT® D 11


Apply the first waterproofing layer consisting of BOTAMENT® MD 2 The Blue 1 and insert BOTAMENT® SB 78 Sanitary Sealing Tape including all accessories


Apply the second waterproofing layer of BOTAMENT® MD 2 The Blue 1


Apply the flexible superior tile adhesive BOTAMENT® M 21 Classic or the premium flexible floor adhesive M 29 HP


Fit the tiles to walls and floor using the combined method with the adhesives mentioned earlier


Reliable jointing of the tiles using BOTAMENT® EF 500/EK 500 expoxy resin joint and adhesive mortar or Multifuge Diamond for instance