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Water - now you see it, now you don‘t!

Fitting tiles in showers

Especially in areas of use where lots of different details need to be incorporated and where gradients tend to change frequently, single component sealant slurries are the preferred material, since they are easy to apply to such built-in parts. Whether you prefer to paint the slurry on, apply it by trowel or want to machine-spray it on, MD 1 Speed offers you all these application choices, dries rapidly and seals the area perfectly. In addition to second-to-none application properties, substrates can be covered with tiles once the second waterproofing step has been completed, after a mere 4 hours!

BOTAMENT® SB 78 Sanitary Tape and Accessories are embedded into the first waterproofing layer of any mounting/ connection details, such as pipe openings, inside and outside corners, or floor drains and drainage channels.


Prime the walls and floors with BOTAMENT® D 11


Apply the first waterproofing layer of BOTAMENT® MD 1 Speed


Insert the BOTAMENT® SB 78 Sanitary Sealing Tape and Accessories into the fresh waterproofing layer


Apply the second waterproofing layer of BOTAMENT® MD 1 Speed


Lay tiles using M 21 HP. Then fill the joints in accordance with type of use with Multifuge Diamond.