Protecting the waterproofing

Security in terms of static-stress, mechanical and dynamic-stress

So as to prevent the waterproofing from subsequent damages it must be permanently protected in the area in contact with the ground. In just one single product, the drainage and protection board DS 993 fulfils all the requirements specified in DIN 18195 Part 10 as well as those of DIN 4095 . The board comes ready supplied with a dimpled sheet for a fast and efficient water drainage. The fleece on top of the dimpled sheet serves as a filter preventing sand clog up, ensuring a lasting drainage function. It is furthermore fitted with PE foam, which enables an efficient pressure distribution of the soil against the waterproofing. This PE backing serves as a gliding layer thereby preventing pressure from the ground being passed onto the waterproofing.  

Application is carried out using several bitumen chunks once the bitumen thick coating has fully cured. 

Other features of BOTAMENT DS 993 are:

  • High mechanical strength, even under permanent pressure loading  
  • Effective drainage properties 
  • Simple and fast – hence cost-saving application of a large surface  board
  • Meets the requirements of DIN 18195 and DIN 4095  

Expert Tip:


The drainage and protection board BOTAMENT DS 993 protects the bitumen coating even in the event of permanent pressure loading .


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