Reactive waterproofing under screeds

BOTAMENT RD 2THE GREEN 1 as waterproofing of floor slabs

BOTAMENT RD 2The Green 1 can also be used for the waterproofing under screeds or under floor slabs.  

On porous mineral substrates such as concrete a scratch coat is recommended prior to application of the waterproofing system in order to avoid the risk of blister formation. Dry substrates should also be pre-wetted first to achieve a slightly damp substrate.  

The layer thickness that must be achieved dry is 2mm; it is possible to install a PE foil separation layer between the waterproofing and the screed.   

In the connecting section between horizontal and vertical waterproofing it is thus possible to produce a simple connection during the working steps.  

Expert Tip:

Waterproofing of concrete basements made with waterproof concrete:

BOTAMENT RD 2The Green 1 is approved for the transitional areas from floor slab to rising brickwork and also for the joint sealing of exterior waterproof concrete parts.  For use as structural waterproofing of transitional areas on structural concrete parts with high resistance against water penetration in accordance with the Building Rules List A, Part 2,  No. 2.48.  


Apply a scratch coat using BOTAMENT RD 2THE GREEN 1


Apply two coats of the waterproofing layers to the substrate.


Prime interior corner areas with BOTAMENT RD 2THE GREEN 1


Embed the system sealing tape BOTAMENT SB 78 into the fresh layer and work over.


Lay out a single-layered PE foil.


Spread out the rapid screed and remove any excess material.