Speedy Waterproofing

The self-adhesive BOTAMENT KSK membrane

The BOTAMENT KSK Bitumen Self-Adhesive Sheeting is perfect when the waterproofing of a building needs to be completed in a very short period of time in accordance with Part 4 (Structural waterproofing against  ground dampness and non-accumulating seepage water) and Part 5 (Structural waterproofing against non-accumulating seepage water on ceilings and in wetrooms) of DIN 18195.

With the exception of exterior basement walls and terraces, also protruding building structures, such as balconies, can be waterproofed reliably and quickly with BOTAMENT KSK.

The substrate preparation is done in the same way as a bitumen thick coating.  However, BOTAMENT BE 901 in this scenario is  either applied undiluted or diluted 1:1 at the most.

Prior to the bonding of the BOTAMENT KSK sheeting the respective moulds for interior and exterior corners and for pipe penetrations are cut to fit from the sheeting.  

In corner areas the facing side of the foot is covered with a 10 x 30 cm wide strip, then a triangle that fits is inserted into the corner.

After that an incisiion is made in the centre of a piece measuring 30 x 30 cm which serves to cover the connection from the foot to the rising wall.

The subsequent bonding of the sheeting is carried out ensuring a minimum overlap of 8 cm.  


Prime the substrate with BOTAMENT BE 901 or BOTAMENT B 97 L.


Cut the KSK sheeting with a carpet knife to fit the respective area.


Press the KSK sheeting down with a rubber roller when applying it to the inside corners.


Bond the inside corners.


Bond the outside corners.


Mask the pipe penetrations.


Mask the top end of the KSK sheeting at the base of the exterior wall with BOTAMENT Butyl Sealing Tape.