Rapid waterproofing of structures in contact with the ground

Reactive sealing without bitumen

This new and unique binder agent technology on polymer basis from BOTAMENT RD 2The Green 1 offers the applicator totally new application properties and the ultimate in application reliability. What’s more, both priming and fibre insertion are no longer necessary, reducing the number of system components needed for the task.

Plus the layer thicknesses to be produced during the waterproofing measure also need to be less thick which saves time and material costs.

In the load scenario ground dampness a dry layer strength of 2 mm is required, while it is 2.5 mm for the load scenario accumulating seepage water.

On porous mineral substrates such as concrete a scratch coat is recommended prior to application of the waterproofing system in order to avoid the risk of blister formation.

Dry substrates should also be pre-wetted first to achieve a slightly damp substrate.  

A mineral coving ought to be produced in all interior corners or alternatively the sealing tape BOTAMENT SB 78 ought to be installed. This tape is inserted into the 1st layer and is then worked over with the 2nd layer.

Expert Tip:

BOTAMENT RD 2The Green 1 fulfils the requirements laid out in the DIBt Guideline “Assessment of the effects of construction products on soil and groundwater”.   It is also suited for manure, liquid manure and silage seepage systems.


Scratch coat using BOTAMENT RD 2THE GREEN 1


Produce the wall-floor connection with BOTAMENT SB 78.


Apply the 1st layer of BOTAMENT RD 2THE GREEN 1


Apply the 2nd layer.


Facing side of the floor slab (at least 10 cm).