Rapid screeds

Floating installation

So-called floating screeds, and screeds on insulation boards, are on the increase in modern new builds due to the rising popularity of heat and sound protection.  As underfloor heating screeds they also serve to house the heating elements. A screed’s fast readiness to receive the covering is a further bonusas construction times are becoming ever shorter.

The material requirements  on rapid screeds are enormous.

 The parameters of drying, shrinkage and cupping must be controlled to achieve a lasting effect so as to avoid damage scenarios. Only the use of high-quality CEM I cements ensures drying and shrinkage can be successfully controlled in equal measure.

Expert Tip:




Mixing up of BOTAMENT M 56 Speed.


Application of BOTAMENT M 56 Speed onto the separation layer.


Remove excess screed.


Rub off screed.


Smooth down screed.