Polymer resin screeds

Polymer resin mortars and screeds for special requirements

Mortars and screeds on a synthetic resin basis are frequently the ideal choice when it comes to special requirements  onsite. On one hand they are excellent problem solvers for restoration works when time is short.  On the other hand they are the ideal load distribution layer or repair measure when it comes to substrates that pose a problem for adhesion, such as steel and very inhomogeneous surfaces, and compared with mineral materials, develop clearly higher strengths. Polymer resin screeds are therefore also very suitable for industrial surfaces that are subject to heavy mechanical loading.

Besides the high strength and fast curing, mortars and screeds on synthetic resin basis can be installed in very low layer thicknesses.

What’s more, because of their formulation without any water, when completed they are immune to moisture impact.

With BOTAMENT E 120, a universal epoxy resin that has been tried-and-tested for decades now, adding dried quartz sand to the mix makes it possible to produce fine, self-spreading repair and grout mortar right down to very stable screed compounds.

Expert Tip:







Mixing up the two-component binder agent BOTAMENT E 120.


Repotting the BOTAMENT E 120 into a clean container.


Adding quartz sand to fit the desired mortar consistency.


Applying the ready-mixed mortar to the substrate (from a mixing ratio of 1:4 onto bonding course of BOTAMENT E 120 while still fresh).

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