Repairing surfaces

Rapid cement mortar

Time is money!

The old adage definitely rings true on today’s building sites. Rapid repair measures put great demands on the building products used.

The rapid cement mortar BOTAMENT M 36 Speed makes both quick spot corrections and large surface repairs possible. The main advantages are that the mortar can be applied without the need for a bonding course, it has a rapid strength development and can quickly be loaded with water.

On top of this, this mortar has high sulphate resistance and excellent frost/de-icing salt resistance – an essential feature in civil engineering and for outside areas.


Pre-wetting the substrate.


Applying the mortar to the substrate.


Single layer application up to 25 mm, two-layered surface repairs of up to 50 mm possible.


Spreading and levelling with a steel mortar spreader.


Smoothing down of the area possible with a trowel.


Rubbing down the surface is possible after just a few minutes.

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