Impregnation & Sealing

Surface preparation

Floor sealing

Uncomplicated and good-looking - that's what clients want when it comes to the finishing of their surfaces even if they are not living spaces or reception areas. Sealants provide the perfect solution to ensure clean and hard-wearing floors.

Dusty basements and washrooms, damp garage floors when it rains or snows, and ugly looking concrete car parks are thus a thing of the past.

BOTAMENT BV 2 Floor Sealant 2K is a top-quality system based on a water-dispersed epoxy resin, which means it can simply and easily be rolled on as if it was paint. The long working time of around 2 hours leaves it suitable for treating very large areas with ease.

BOTAMENT BV 2 consists of two system products: BV 2 transparent as primer and BV 2 stone grey as coloured sealant. Prior to applying the stone grey sealant the substrate is prepped with the transparent primer. The sealant should then be applied in at least two layers.

Areas that come into regular contact with water, oil or grease and heavily trafficked areas should be made slip-resistant by scattering quartz sand onto the first sealant layer.

Should a sealant not be deemed necessary, but binding the surface dust is a necessity, there is the option of using the transparent primer on its own as a means of impregnation..


BOTAMENT BV 2 can be used for up to two hours!


Mixing up the two components using a mixing device.


Repotting the BOTAMENT BV 2 into a clean container.


Rolling the primer BOTAMENT BV 2 transparent onto the surface.


Rolling on the base layer of BOTAMENT BV 2 Sealant stone grey.


For anti-slip installation: Scattering quartz sand (H 32) onto the fresh first sealant layer.


Rolling on the top coat of BOTAMENT BV 2 Sealant stone grey.

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