Concrete repairs

Repair of concrete structures

Reliable protection of reinforced concrete parts

Spalling and break-outs on reinforced concrete parts not only look bad, but also present a real risk to the reinforcing steel, if these are exposed to the elements.

BOTAMENT concrete repair products restore damaged surface quickly and easily to their original glory.

The protection of the reinforcement is restored by giving it several coats of BOTAMENT Renovation HB 1.

 Conveniently, Renovation HB 1 also doubles up as bonding course for the PCC repair mortar, BOTAMENT Renovation RM 2 that is subsequently used to fill the damaged spots.

Finally, BOTAMENT Renovation BS 3 concrete fine filler gives it the finishing touch, achieving a really smooth and level surface. 


Remove any surface rust and loose particles from the reinforcement steel (cleanliness standard Sa 2.5).


Coating the cleaned steel twice with BOTAMENT Renovation HB 1.


Letting the corrosion protection  BOTAMENT Renovation HB 1 dry.


Pre-wetting the concrete substrate so it is slightly damp and applying a bonding course of BOTAMENT Renovation HB 1.


Applying BOTAMENT Renovation RM 2 repair mortar onto the fresh bonding course.


Smoothing the surface with BOTAMENT Renovation BS 3 concrete fine filler.